Thrustmaster T248, Racing Wheel and Magnetic Pedals, PS5, PS4, PC, HYBRID DRIVE, Magnetic Paddle Shifters, Dynamic Force Feedback


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Premium design with leather wrapping on the outer-facing portion of the wheel
Versatile wheel shape, well-suited to all racing game styles
Up to 25 action buttons including 2 dual-position encoders
Interactive race dashboard with a selection of more than 20 different displays on the wheel’s screen
Dynamic Force Feedback: on-the-fly Force Feedback level adjustment (3 preset modes included) via the screen, compatible with all games
Magnetic paddle shifters (patented H.E.A.R.T technology) for instant responsiveness, and a super-clear gear shifting feel
Magnetic pedal set (patented H.E.A.R.T technology) for incredible 12-bit resolution precision that won’t decrease over time
4 distinct pressure modes on the central pedal for optimized braking according to the configuration and gaming setup (desk, cockpit, stand, etc.)
Next-generation HYBRID DRIVE system delivering 70% more power than other Thrustmaster hybrid racing wheels (T150 series)
Officially licensed for PlayStation; compatible with PS5, PS4 and PC

About the product:
T248 features a new optimized HYBRID DRIVE system with a mixed belt and gear mechanism for powerful, realistic and versatile Force Feedback.
T248 delivers 70% more power (compared with previous Thrustmaster T150 series hybrid racing wheels) and adds cutting-edge new features including Force Feedback presets that can be changed on the fly in games, magnetic paddle shifters, an interactive screen with more than 20 different displays, and a magnetic pedal set with 4 pressure modes on the brake pedal.
T248 has been designed for all gamers looking for performance and immersion — including those keen to free themselves from their keyboard, mouse or gamepad, and users who want to take their racing to the next level after having started out with a wheel aimed at beginners.
This brand-new racing wheel is officially licensed for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and is compatible with PC.













Force Feedback adjustment from the wheel (Increase the Force Feedback at some point of the range (torque boost) in game on small and short effects: vibrator, relief, skidding, etc.)
Force Feedback Fidelity (level 1) / Increased Skid Control (level 2) / Boosted Ground Feel (level 3)

Thrustmaster Race Dashboard Display: for control of all aspects of the race
25 Action buttons + 4 Encoders (down + up)
LCD screen:
+/- Gear

Force Feedback Selection
Rotation Angle
Various game specific displays (RPM, Speed, Driver position, Lap position, Session best lap time, Current lap time, Personal best lap time, etc.)

Thrustmaster Double Magnetic Paddles for ultimate precision and clear activation feel

Thrustmaster Hybrid Drive: next-generation hybrid Force Feedback System
NXG Mix Belt and Pulley System: not geared system to ensure smoother and more silent usage,
70% More powerful than T150 and TMX Motor – 96W Peak Power (2 seconds) – 48W Constant Debit Power

100% Magnetic Pedals
100% Metal Head Pedals; larger than T-3PA series
4 Pressure configurations (Springs included)
200 KG /440 lbs pressure resistance = 2 x more than T-3PA
1,2 KG / 2.64 lbs weight = 20% heavier than T-3PA

Box Contents:

T248 wheel and base

T3PM pedal set

48W power supply + power cable

Attachment system + screws

USB cable

Allen key

Quick start guide

Warranty information flyer



Product dimensions and weights

Wheel and Base

Width:               11” / 280 mm

Depth:                11.8” / 300 mm

Height:               11” / 280 mm

Weight:              6 lb / 2,7 KG


Pedal Set

Width:               11.8” / 300 mm

Depth:                14.6” / 370 mm

Height:               8.3” / 210 mm

Weight:              6.6 lb / 3,0 KG


Retail pack

Width:               19.7” / 500 mm

Depth:                15.4” / 390 mm

Height:               13.4” / 340 mm

Weight:              17.6 lb / 7,99 KG


Extra informatie

Gewicht 8 kg
Afmetingen 39 × 50 × 34 cm


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